November 2016
Dear Householders,
Hey this is S! I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. I did not see everything ya'll were doing for me at times, but now I see that I needed ya'll. Ya'll are a big help for where I am at in my life right now. I may had not shown any changes while I was there, but I now use a lot of what ya'll taught me in my everyday life. And I hope all is going well. I love the work ya'll do for people [girls] that need help. Hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas! Sometimes I which that I listened to everything while I was there, but that was my fault. And I am sorry for everything I did there and never said sorry. Hope ya'll can forgive me. But anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. Hope to hear from ya'll.


November 1, 2013 
Dear Brother House,
If it weren't for you, I am 99.9% positive that I most likely would not be saved right now. I don’t want to know where I’d be if it weren't for Circle of Hope and you. GOD has done a wonderful work through you. I know my words probably don’t mean much because, who am I? But I just want you to know you are appreciated, even though sometimes I fail you. In some ways, you’re like a Grandpa to me. (Please don't take that offensively) It’s just that I haven’t had an actual Grandpa since I was 3 because my Grandpa Leach died of a heart attack when I was 3 and my Grandpa Bruell moved to Florida before I was born. So, I guess, you could say I’ve never really had a Grandpa, although for the 3 years my Grandpa was here, he was a great, great Grandpa! My Grandpa was a pastor and a man of prayer. Thank you again and I’m sorry for all of the times I have and probably will fail you. I just want you to know my heart is in the right place, although it seems like my head is in the clouds sometimes.
Love you,
P.S. I am attaching a Poem for you.
You give me so many chances
And I don’t really know why
I have to take a few backward glances 
Just to make sure I got it right

You’re so loving, kind and compassionate
But at the same time, strict and stern
I want you to know how much I appreciate
All of the lessons you give me to learn

You gave me a second chance at life
And, for that, you’ll be forever in my heart
Because of you God took all my pain and strife
And gave me a chance to restart

I know I’m not the best person you’ve ever met
But I will be the best I can be
Because I am forever paying a debt
To you and my Father for what you have done for me

Words can never describe exactly how I feel
But Thank you for having Jesus in you 
For helping me realize that He’s real
And giving me hope to look forward to

My life will never be the same
Although perfect I cannot be
I will be singing to the grave

Of the mercy that’s been shown to me.
Hi, my name is A. I am 20 years old I'm from Lexington, KY. I was adopted at the age of 8 with a younger sister and brother. I was a very bitter and angry, self-centered girl. I didn't want to accept the family that had adopted me. I thought they were taking me away from the only one in my life who loved me. I became very rebellious and disrespectful to my parents. I lied, disobeyed, stole, manipulated, and refuse to do my school. I had made a profession of faith when I first came to live with my parents at the age of eight. It wasn't real though; I just did it for attention. It got to the point where my parents couldn't handle me and were advised put me in a home. On June 4, 2006 I went to Pilgrim's Rest until Circle of Hope opened on July 1, 2006. When I first came, I tried to convince everyone that I was innocent and that my parents were the problem. I refused to admit that I had a problem that I needed help with. I made several professions within the first three years of being here. But it was only because I thought it would make things easier. Praise the Lord! On March 23, 2009 I realize that I was a sinner and accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. After a year of being saved, God started dealing with my heart about my bitterness and anger towards my birth mom and my mom who adopted me. But I refuse to get it settled. During that time I went home about 4 times and came back because things weren't working out. They weren't working out because my heart wasn't right towards my mom so we couldn't get along. June 10, 2012 at the age of 18, I decided to come back and work at Circle of Hope and finish my school. That caused more problems because my parents were against me coming back. They have read the lies people have put onto the Internet. The stuff people read on the Internet, about Circle of Hope are not true. I have been at Circle of Hope for 7 1/2 years and none of that stuff has taken place. I have been well taken care of along with all the rest the girls. The girls make up these lies because they leave here angry and better and want to make everyone who tried to help them do right look bad.
Brother House and Mrs. Steph love each and everyone of these girls. They would do anything to make sure the girls have what they need. Yes, they discipline us but five minutes later they are joking with us. They never hold anything we have done against us. They counsel girls daily and give them counseling based on the Bible. All of my major decisions have been made after counseling with both of them several times and them praying with me daily. Their only desire that we give our lives to the Lord and follow His will for our life. They're the most godly people I have ever met in my life. They are willing to do whatever the Lord has for them to matter what tough situation may come up. Because God is on their side. I strive to be like them in my Christian life.
After being here for 7 1/2 years I have learned to forgive those who have done me wrong. When I was younger I knew that God wanted me to be a missionary. God started speaking to my heart in the summer of 2013 about staying in working on staff even after I finish school. I fought it for several months because I wanted to do my own things. God made me miserable until I surrendered to do His will with my whole heart November 16, 2013. No, it wasn't easy, especially when family tells me that I'm allowing the devil to fill my mind with lies, but no matter what I'm going to do what God wants me to do. The Bible says that unless I make Christ the most important thing in my life I can't be his disciple. Means you may have to leave your family behind and choose to follow Christ, whether they agree with you are not. (Luke 16:24)
God gave me great peace after surrendering to Him. I will never leave until He leads me elsewhere. God gave up everything for me, I will give up my desires to give my heart and life to Him.