Brother Householder is the most caring and only wants what is best for the girls. Stop your lying and manipulating. I graduated from that program and I am so thankful my parents put me there.
A. S. October 29, 2012
The Householders helped me a great deal and I want to tell you girls that spread lies about them God is on their side they proved it all the time. I was there when I was 11 and got out right before I turned eighteen, well on and off. But they treated us how we needed treated and lived by the Bible and we were fed plenty and we worked yeah but it was nothing like girls make it out to be. I love the Householders and God will bless them and they will not let these lies get them they will always give it to God, and I admire them for that.
S. P. June 23, 2015
So my name is I. C. and I am currently 16 and I was 5 when I first went to Circle of Hope. I am the youngest girl that has been there and I'm super happy that my parents put me there. I went home after being there a year and a half and me deciding to go back to my stupid ways returned when I was thirteen on October 31, 2015 of course I was beyond mad that my parents decided to put me there again, but they made the right decision. Being there for two years completely changed my life in the best way possible. I didn't like being there at first but after time went by i loved being there. I learned so many important qualities that help me today. I love Brother House and Mrs. Steph to death, I thank God every day for putting two great people in my life. They made me realize the importance of doing good and helped me to get saved, I don't know where I would be right now without the Householders so I just want to thank you two, Julian and really Brandy for helping me be where I am right now and bringing my family back together. Thank You
I. C.
I am E. and I was at the school for 2 and a half years. I will say yes there was hard times for me but that was becuase I was a very rebellious girl. My mom (A.) put me through 2 other schools before Circle of Hope and I got kicked out for straight up rebelling. I thought everyone was stupid and I could survive out in the world on my own. But I see now that I was and still sometimes can be the stupid one. To all the girls out there that want to say Brother House and Mrs. Steph are the problem and that Brother House has sexually abused you, YOU ARE LYING becuase honestly why would they do something like that. I remember so many time Brother HOuse saying that he loves us as if were his own children. He even gave up a lot of time that he could have spent with his own kids to spend it trying to help you girls become productive members of society. I am thankful they endured with me even though I put them through hell. I now live out in the world with a great job in a community called The Twelve Tribes and I'm seeing everything that the Householders said was out here. I learned respect and integrity from them. Thank you so very much Brother House and Mrs. Steph for all you do for the many girls that come. To all parents looking for a place to find help for your daughter I greatly recommend Circle of Hope. The Householders helped me tremendously just ask my mom she will tell you how much of a brat I was and she'll tell you how much different I am now.
E. L.