Hi everyone. I would like to tell you about our experience with Circle of Hope. Yes it was hard but rewarding also. What is it supposed to be? Even though I feel each family reaches out to Boyd and Stephanie for different reasons the bottom line is we need help with our daughters.

Ours was manipulative, mean, hurt people who got in her way, and wanted to control every aspect of EVERYONES life.

She wouldn't listen, and threatened anyone who got in her way.

She was a total disruption to our family. Yet could be the sweetest, kindest child known to man, as long as she got her way. .

Sounds familiar huh. Lol. Well We made some short scheduled visits to Circle of Hope and never found anything but ,God and Love coming from within.

The weirdest thing I have never understood is people who condemn Boyd and Stephanie and the lies on the internet. Why did most of us send our child here? Then when that same child comes home, you still believe the lies perpetrated by that same child! The child that doesn't like being told what to do, (as in most any situation in life) manipulated you to believing anything they say (for only their benefit) caused trouble in your home and school. Of course they didn't like it. It has rules it has accountability.

Boyd and Stephanie needs love and support for doing what we, for some reason we're not able to accomplish. Were they perfect probably not. Was there anything I was EVER concerned about? NEVER!!!! Only one person was ever perfect to walk this world and He was called Jesus! Yet as any of us know everyday is a major challenge and with out Boyd, Stephanie and Circle of Hope our girls each have a fighting chance at life.

Would I hesitate to do it all over again? NEVER. Would my Child be happy probably not. Would it be in her best interest? YOU BET!

I Thank and Pray for their continued success!


M. L.

(Translated by Google) When Pastor A. M. told me about the ranch it gave me great pleasure, I arrived at the ranch I felt there the presence of God and above all a lot of love, knowing a couple very dedicated to God is seen that everything they do, and they do it with much love Help all those girls who have problems.

I liked it a lot and I have a lot of faith that God is going to help my daughter,

Just as they have helped and transformed the other girls, I met three beautiful princesses very educated, disciplined, cheerful, I was delighted that God continues to give them Wisdom and fill them with many blessings


Cuando el Pastor A. M. me contó del ranch me dio mucho gusto, llegué al ranch sentí allí la presencia de Dios y sobretodo mucho amor, conocer una pareja muy entregada a Dios se les ve que todo lo que hacen, y lo hacen con mucho amor ayudar a todas esas niñas que tienen problemas.

Me gustó mucho y tengo mucha fe que Dios le va ayudar a mi hija,

Asi como han ayudado y transformado a las demás niñas, conocí a tres preciosas princesas muy educadas, disciplinadas, alegres, quedé encantada que Dios les siga dando Sabiduría y les llenen de muchas bendiciones

S. O.

Great place. Yes, harsh at times. Yes a nightmare at times. But I can't begin to describe how much I have been changed. They showed me God, and they lead me to salvation. It was worth the two years. And for all ya'll who want to complain, please open your own girls ranch and endure years of teens-scratch that- rebellious teens who are aggressive at times, suicidal and sadistic sometimes. Don't dare ever consider giving punishment to the because people will be quick to jump down your throat. And yes, some of their goings are Biblical. In Proverbs it speaks about sparing a rod from your child. When you withold chastening from a child, you set them up to fail. You parents that complain, "well I think this place was awful." Did you research before you placed your daughter? And by raise of hands may I please hear from a parent who has taken their child home and found no change in them at all? Because I doubt there is such a child. In a place like that I learned appreciation, respect, love, and wisdom. I recommend sending your kid here folks if you wish for change

D. P.