May 18, 2017

I have been involved in child care since 1989, trying to give a hand up to troubled children and hurting families. Many of the children are already destined for jail, psychiatric hospitals, life on the streets, or a life of addiction. Through placement in stable facilities, a second chance is given to these children.

About ten years ago, I was introduced to Boyd Householder and Circle of Hope. That was one of the greatest blessings for me and for the many girls I have referred to Circle of Hope. Bro. Householder strived to help that girl that no one else wanted, the family that was turned away by others, and the family /child that could not survive without someone who truly cared about helping. Bro. Householder is such a person, he deeply cares about saving the lives of the girls.

I believe the goal of Circle of Hope is to provide stability to each girl through Christian counseling, seeking accountability to the girl and structure to the family. Families do not call until they are in a crisis and need immediate help. Girls come in angry, manipulative, self-centered, and eager to destroy anything or anyone who would want them to be responsible. Bro. Householder and Stephanie Householder do not know what it means to give up on a child. They are committed to working with each child and to teach them responsibility, showing respect to others.

When I have a broken and hurting family, it has been such an encouragement to be able to call Circle of Hope and KNOW the family will not be turned away. I have used large facilities but they seem to just charge large fees and shuttle the girls through................having no long-term success. It takes a director who loves children and is devoted to stand in the gap for the families, a director who is strong in discipline, and who puts his own personal life on hold to care for the children of others.

Having been a licensed child care director in the state of Texas and having my own girls home for nine years, I realize the value in a child's life and saving the life of just one child is worth it all. Girls don't give respect or appreciate the compassion that comes from directors like Boyd Householder. The girls live for "the moment" and could care less about an enriched and stable life.

I could never say enough for my own respect and appreciation for Circle of Hope. Many girls are now very successful and on the path to a blessed life because Bro. Householder did not give up, he did not run from rumors and negative accusations, and he did not allow rebellion to hinder helping wounded and troubled girls.

Last, but not least, my own granddaughter has been at Circle of Hope for four years and it truly saved her life. Her life was full of lies, rebellion, running away, and hostility, but after just a few short weeks, Circle of Hope became her hope. She has finished school there, she has learned work ethics, she is in the process of going to college, and she is a very strong Christian girl who is right where she wants to be! When someone says negative things about the home she takes it very personal because she know without Bro. Householder and Circle of Hope, she probably would not be alive.

I can only say, that if we had more homes life Circle of Hope, we would have a better world for our children. As my granddaughter says, "it is such a privilege to be with Bro. Householder and Stephanie Householder because I know I would not have made it without them. It is sad that the streets are full of teenagers who will never get help because their parents will not stand strong and place them."

With respect,

L. H.

Retired Licensed Child Care Administrator and

Angel Wings Ministries (helping families find placements for their children)