From:  A Proverbs 22:6 Parent
My daughter attended Circle of Hope for three years.  She entered as a rebellious, wayward teen.  Through the guidance and principles at Circle of Hope, she matured into a disciplined, ambitious student who graduated early with newfound faith and a full-fledged military career.
Boyd and Stephanie Householder were a genuine answer to my prayers.  They sacrifice for their institution; they provide a nurturing safe haven to each child.  I'm very impressed with my daughter's progress.  Instead of a life plagued with deadbeats, drugs, or debts, my daughter's morphed into a thriving adult with a Matthew 7:25 foundation!
A Proverbs 22:6 Parent
When you read a bad review, you have to ask yourself 3 things:  Why would people like the Householders do this kind of risky, difficult and thankless work?  What really goes on there?  And WHO is making the accusations?
We sent our daughter to Circle of Hope when we were out of all remaining options.  She had accused and lied and hurt others too many times to count, she had run through all the state-run treatment programs with even a worse result than she went in, and was refusing to come home.  She was 14.  I DO know where our daughter would be today if Circle of Hope had not been willing to take a risk and work with her:  homeless, drug-addicted, promiscuous and still using social media to scheme how to ruin everyon who tried to help her.
The Householders offered our daughter a safe place to get a 'reset' in life.  How do they do it?  At first, she gave them hell.  Hse was really good at it.  They gave her boundries.  The choices were always hers. They respect that.  No one can force another to change and have it stick.  The Householders offer structure, safety from self-harming, patience, and protection from the real-world consequences of the girl's bad choices.
The girls who are sent there are experts at manipulation and know what to say, who is sympathetic to complain to, and how to throw shade at others to be successful at their "games".  Chances are, you've been through this on the receiving end yourself.  Sadly, not every girls who gets a "last chance" will turn her life around.  Some will still play the victim and blame the people who tried to help long after their time there instead of taking personal responsibility for their choices/actions.
You have to judge people by the patterns in their lives.  Chaos follows chaotic people.  The Householders try to help them all, but not all are willing to be saved.  Some patterns never change.  But some do change and learn to thrive.
Circle of Hope's program gives these troubled girls a new structure of boundriues, clear expectations and consequences...and an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start a new life.  The Householders do this work because they answer to a higher authority, God, whoe Word stands up to scrutiny, is a guide for the lost, and blesses those who tell the truth.  And the truth will always come out.  Someone famous said "Lies race halfway around the world while Truth is still putting its shoes on."  So true in our social media age.  Sad, bitter an gullible people spend a lot of time on that garbage.
The proof is in the results.  The Householders have been doing this work for 30+ years and there are many success stories who go on to live good, normal lives.  (Like all online reviews, the success stories don't take the time to write reviews like the complainers do.)
Thank God, our daughter turned her life around.  She was there 4 1/2 years.  We visited many times and I saw for myself that it was a long, hard slog to reach her and the others.  It takes patience, good humor (Bother House's dry sense of humor is a much-needed release valve for the pressure they're under, but sadly, some visitor took advantage of his wisecrack to make him look bad out of context.  You try doing this kind of work without cracking a joke every now and then!) and it takes persistence.  There's an old-fashioned word that fits here:  GRIT. 
If your child has dug herself into the deepest pit and you can't reach her, you have to ask for help and trust someone.  We trusted Brother House and Mrs. Steph with our daughter, and I would trust them again.  We are so grateful that they stick with the hardest job in the world, and don't give up even when they're attacked and slandered.  They understand their thanks won't truly come in this lifetime.  They do it becuase reaching the one who WILL turn around is worth the COST of the ones who WON'T.
I am so grateful for them becuase my daughter has a chance at life now.  The rest is up to her to live with the integrity and authenticity of faith that the Householders showed her at Circle of Hope.  God bless you, Boyd and Stephanie.