S. & J. C. November 2015

   We want to thank Circle of Hope and the Householders for providing our daughter a safe environment. Due to our daughter’s behavioral and emotional problems, our psychologist recommended we find placement out of harm’s way for her. Our hearts and minds have been eased by the 24 hour safety Circle is able to give her. We know she is well –cared for and her needs are met. While at Circle of Hope, our daughter has been provided many opportunities to learn a good work ethic, moral values and life skills to help her now and in the future. One of the elements we love most about Circle is the much needed structure it offers in a rural setting.

   Before placement at Circle, our home had become fractured and hostile. We were daily living in crisis mode. Since our daughter has been at Circle, we have been able to get some much needed emotional healing and rest. We aren’t worrying around the clock about keeping her safe. In addition, our communication with her has gotten a little better.

   At Circle, the girls are taught about the love, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus. Bro. House and Mrs. Steph have a desire to help the girls realize the reconciliation found in Christ can be applied in their families and homes as well. We have had many discussions with Bro. House and Mrs. Steph and their desire to see the girls’ hearts and lives truly changed. On a visit at Thanksgiving, Bro. House said if even one girl is changed then all of their time and effort is worth it. This leads us to believe Circle of Hope cares about the complete transformation of our daughter.

   While we know our daughter has a long way to go, we are so thankful Circle of Hope is walking alongside us in this journey!

S. & J. C.

We are eternally grateful to the Householders for providing our adopted daughter a safe place to live and learn for three years. I came to know them during this time as people of faith with sterling character who are committed to their mission and undaunted by the challenges of proving a complete community for teenaged girls who were as far from content as anyone could be. I trust them completely. They understand the challenges of attachment disorder, fetal alcohol effect, and early neglect that these girls carry.

While our daughter lived with us, she brought chaos, lying, stealing and raging behaviors into our home and family. She was at serious risk for everything from drug abuse, teen pregnancy, criminal behavior, homelessness, you name it. Our daughter needed time to gain maturity, to decide to change, and to learn to make healthy, safe choices. She needed a level of high structure and accountability that we could not provide. It was only available within a single community, like Circle of Hope, that provides home, school and church all in one place. It provided her a chance to gain maturity and stay safe, while it provided our family a chance to find peace and relief from the exhausting work of parenting her. I thought the school might be able to save her, but in reality, it saved our family. I can recommend the Householders and the school without reservation.

There are those who have never lived with one of these children who do not understand what it is like. They can be detractors of the school, and their opinions can be found on the internet. There are girls at the school who will be distortionists. From time to time, they will find ways to make allegations of abuse or neglect. It is what they do. I do not know how the Householders find the strength and courage to stay the course and keep going with the challenges except by faith. I hold them in the highest regard.

Not all of these children can be changed. In the end, the child must decide she wants to change. Since leaving Circle of Hope, our daughter has entered Job Corps, earned her GED and is now working full time on her job training. She still has a long way to go to become a productive citizen, but while at Circle of Hope, she safely navigated what may have been the most dangerous time in her life. At the moment, she is on the right track. We hope she keeps going.

Thank you, Householders!

Ann M. Lokey
May 22, 2017