S. R. February 23, 2015

   My daughter has been under the leadership of the Ranch for a short time, and I have complete peace that she is in the best place for her at this time in her life. My wife and I were praying for direction to deal with the struggles our daughter was creating in our life, due to poor choices concerning friends. As my wife and I tried to steer her in healthy choices the more distant from our family, she became, barely associating with her sisters and becoming rebellious toward us. As things went from bad to worse, some of a parent’s worst fears were starting to show up in our daughter’s life, We examined the entire situation over and over trying to figure where we as parents had gone wrong and what could we do to prevent any further delay in our daughter’s life before it was too late.


   We started to look for a place with people more qualified to deal with the storm clouds on the horizon. Through the recommendation of our pastor, much prayer, and research we decided to look at several possible locations. After calling and speaking to other locations, visiting others and then meeting the leadership of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch, we knew the differences that secured our decision. Primarily, they looked at what they do as a ministry. With true concern for the well-being of the girls entrusted to their care.


   It was one of the most difficult decisions of our lives.


   Bathed in prayer and fasting, turning over the responsibility of raising our daughter to others. After being there. Seeing the atmosphere in person. The interaction was set in real concern. My wife and I both knew. No other placed compared.


   The leadership prioritized things of importance in the raising and education of our daughter, just as we would. The life skills and disciplines they focus on are the most important thing they instill in the girls they are preparing for life. The decision-making skills based on truths.


   My wife and I have seen changes in our daughter already and are confident there will be more. The environment they have created, with both positive and negative reinforcement; reward and consequences done consistently for the edification of the girls is a difficult job. I know they draw strength from the Creator who’s Name is above all Names, Our Saviour Jesus, Whom they serve.