Boyd and Stephanie,

We adopted our daughter as a baby out of a trauma situation and brought her into a loving, safe and positive home. Over the course of the next 13 years, we worked with many therapists specializing in RAD, school counselors, psychiatrists, educational resources, tutors and so on. Our biggest stumbling blocks were some of the extreme behaviors that presented themselves even as a young child. When it became apparent, due to her age and size, that her behaviors had not only become dangerous to her, but also to those around her both at school and inside our home, we knew we needed to take a different action. As a result, we began our search for options. Because she had not responded to traditional therapy, and was not eligible for the vast majority of boarding schools due to her volatility, that left few viable options. That is when we discovered Circle of Hope. COH is a back to basics alternative to traditional settings that offers a no-nonsense approach. COH offers girls a safe environment where they will learn basic living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and household chores. They will also complete self-paced learning according to their needs, abilities, and willingness to learn. Most important, they have an opportunity to learn about Christ’s great love for them. Thank you to the Circle of Hope for their desire to take the most challenging and difficult to rehabilitate girls from across the country into their home and hearts. Very few have/would offer this to families in crisis.

Anonymous and Grateful Parents TP