We reached out to Circle of Hope through a referral we received from another Christian Boarding school after our daughter was kicked out of her previous boarding school because she had several behavioral incidents in the 2 months she had attended. This school told us that we would need a school with more rules and levels, that it would help our daughter understand that things would not change unless her behavior changed. They recommended Circle of Hope Girls Ranch.

A few of the incidents that happened at this previously mentioned school were, Our daughter stole the staff walk talkies, ran through the school screaming and laughing, purposely running into her classmates and pushing them down, all while thinking it was all funny. Refused to listen to anyone. Our daughter also stole personal items from the girls rooms and denied that she took anything. A staff member found all items in her room. Later on she told the truth but it was too late. She was given several chances in the two months she attended. This was our daughters 5th school that she was no longer welcomed at due to her out of control behavior.

I'll describe some of the behavior our daughter had at her previous schools. Our daughter would talk back to teachers, Counselors, Principals, and Parents, daily. When an incident would happen that several witnessed, she would deny that she did anything. She has been accused of bullying and harassing several classmates in every school she's attended, almost daily. A parent demanded that our daughter be moved to another class in the middle of the school year, due to our daughter bullying and harassing her daughter. The parent also called the police to the school to arrest our daughter. Our was not arrested, but warned, thankfully. We were told by our daughters Elementary school and Middle school Counselors that she was a compulsive liar, by two separate counselors.

We have taken our daughter to a therapist for 4 years all while this behavior was going on. She was also tested for ADHD. She told her therapist that she "enjoys getting a negative reaction out of people because she thinks it's funny." Her school tested her for an IEP, and her tests came back that she was smart enough to do the work, and it was her behavioral issues that hurt her school work. We had support from her schools, they allowed her to have more time on tests, and homework but she would completely refuse to do the work. She would only do the work that she wanted to do.

Our daughters behavior was not getting any better and she was not easy at home either. We tried everything from writing sentences to reading verses as consequences. She started to refuse to do those as well. She did not want to hold herself accountable.

This past year we visited our daughter at Circle of Hope Ranch after she had been there for 4 months. She was excited to show us all the animals on the farm and what her schedule looked like daily. We spent a day at Church and a day at the Ranch. We know our daughter, and any chance she would get if she didn't like a place, or someone, she would have no problem telling us. We asked her questions on our visit, because we are always concerned. We just heard a happy girl who knows that she has to fix her behavior so that she can be successful in life. Our daughter had nothing but nice things to say about the staff and girls at Circle of Hope.

Thank you for all of your help, Circle of Hope. Adam and Tiffany