Circle of Hope was such a blessing in our lives. I was having a hard time finding a place for my daughter to get help that I could afford as a single mother. They worked with me. My favorite thing about the school is that it isn’t focus on counseling or psychology, delving into the past and blaming. Instead, it looks forward to the future and ask your daughter to take personal responsibility in the here and now for her choices. My daughter felt inspired to be, responsible and they treated her as if she had that capability. She learn to take pride in her work and now has a great work ethic. Children really do rise to the level of expectation that you hold for them.

I remember being a bit put off by some of the negative reviews on the Internet. My daughter and I described it like this, “Mom, you know every girl that goes to Circle of Hope is there for a reason, And many of us were liars. Some of us girls chose not to better their lives and are still liars and post look at things online.”

I am convinced that Satan tries to shut this place down because it gives the child God’s Word, Which is the most powerful agent for change in this world. Without the King James Bible, Circle of Hope Could not have the results it does. I am so grateful to Boyd and Stephanie . They don’t get to take breaks or go on vacations.Instead, they give their lives to serve the King, and in doing, our precious daughters.

My daughter is adopted and I always wanted a close relationship with her but sadly we had never had that. Our relationship is much improved now and I am so happy about that. She came back more appreciative and valuing family.

The biggest credit to the program is that my daughter loves the Lord, is respectful now, doesn’t steal anymore, is way more honest, shares her faith with others and win souls to Christ. I can tell she felt loved and cared for at Circle of Hope because she often wants to write Boyd and Stephanie letters, call them on holidays and asks me if we can go back and visit them.